**New Montreal Monthly Residency! Exclusive to Muzique Nightclub!**


I couldn’t be happier to announce my new Montreal Residency exclusive to MUZIQUE NIGHTCLUB!
**For Immediate Release**
The Greatest Show On Earth
“Known to have ignited the crowds at theRed Bull Thre3Style Competition and the famous !LoveTO Shuffle Party, INTRINITY of Toronto will join us in Muzique for a new monthly residence by providing a unique blend across all genres of music with his World-Class technical skill. Paired with a team of dancers, explosions of confetti and the best crowd of Montreal, you are now invited to participate in one of the greatest show on earth!”
Info, guestlist or booking:
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Graffiti @ Embassy Nightclub – November 17, 2011

Out of the all charity events to I spin for every year, Graffiti is definitely one of my favorites. Everyone gets free white shirts to put on and markers at the door, and at the end of the night everyones shirts are covered with different signatures and artwork of all kinds. The best part is all the proceeds go to chairty. This years charity is The Remix Project.

Here is a look at last year’s Graffiti Party.

Graffiti Party – SMCSU + The Remix Project + 1 Love T.O. from Amir Torabi on Vimeo.


Toronto Nightclub Awards X DJ Intrinity

It’s that time of year again, the Toronto NIghtclub Awards are just around the corner and the voting polls are open! These awards highlight the best Nightclubs, Owners, Managers, Promoters, Bartenders, Doormen, DJ’s, MC’s, Photographers, Radio Personalities and more in Toronto and the in the GTA!

This year I have been nominated for the spinning at the best College/University club nights around. I want to thank and ask you for your continued support by taking two minutes out of your day to register and vote for me under the ‘Best College/University DJ’ Category.

To Register:

To Vote:


Here’s a look at the latest College/University club nightย I did at XS Nightclub for ‘Nightmare on Richmond’ Thursday, October 27, 2011. I was The ‘Big Bad Wolf’ lol

DJ INTRINITY XS NIGHT CLUB from Mpire Media on Vimeo.

SMC Halloween 2011 from SMCTV on Vimeo.